Working from home with Microsoft Teams

As more and more governmental measures are taken concerning the COVID-19 (coronavirus), teleworking becomes a more popular and smart alternative that guarantees the continuation of your professional activities. And this also increases the use of Microsoft Teams.

We can help you out using Microsoft Teams

You may have read that Microsoft has decided to make its Office 365 E1 license with Teams available for free for 6 months. This measure has been installed to meet the high demand for home work due to COVID-19 (corona virus).


Let us explain how we might help for free:

Microsoft Teams helps you work more productively and efficiently in the office, at home or on the move. The solution provides you with a collaborative environment including chat, video calls, meetings, collaboration on files and more to enable effective collaboration.

Need a helping hand?

As of this week we are hosting different live Q&A sessions, through Microsoft Teams to get you going. Take this moment to ask all of your questions concerning teleworking, how to easily get Teams up and running and how to use it efficiently. Our experts will provide you with the answers.

Dates for LIVE sessions with Q&A

Click on the button to access the session. Sessions that have already taken place, can also be reviewed by clicking the preferred button.

Session 1 & 2: Essentials of Microsoft Teams
Hosts: Hans De Donder & Evert D'Hondt, Business Evangelist Consultants & Jasper Bernaers, Modern Workplace Lead

Monday 16th of March - 1pm

Tuesday 17th of March - 1pm

Session 3: Microsoft Teams - demo
Host: Hans De Donder, Business Evangelist Consultant  

Wednesday 18th of March - 1pm

Session 4: Efficient internal communication via Microsoft's crisis communication app
Hosts: Hans De Donder, Business Evangelist Consultant & Dave Van Gool, Modern Workspace Consultant

Thursday 19th of March - 1pm

Session 5: Get started with Microsoft Teams in 5 steps
Hosts: Hans De Donder, Business Evangelist Consultant & Jasper Bernaers, Modern Workplace Lead

Friday 20th of March - 1pm


If you don't have Teams yet

Start working with Microsoft Teams following these easy steps:

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